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Results That Will Make You Rich

Here's a quick look at the jackpot winning numbers from the recent Kerala Lottery Results:

Kerala Lottery Name Date of Draw 1st Prize Number Region
Karunya Plus Lottery KN-249 24/01/2019 Rs 8,000,000 PS 813246 TBA
Akshaya Lottery AK-379 23/01/2019 Rs 6,000,000 AE 513210 Ernakulam
X'mas New Year Bumper BR-65 23/01/2019 Rs 60,000,000 EW 213957 Kollam
Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS-141 22/01/2019 Rs 6,000,000 SC 659102 Ernakulam
Win-Win Lottery W-496 21/01/2019 Rs 6,500,000 WM 884045 Palakkad
Pournami Lottery RN-375 20/01/2019 Rs 7,000,000 RL 383991 Malappuram
Karunya Lottery KR-380 19/01/2019 Rs 8,000,000 KD 159354 Palakkad
Nirmal Lottery NR-104 18/01/2019 Rs 6,000,000 NB 147405 Wayanad

When the clock strikes four in the evening, for many people in Kerala it is not just tea time. Are you one of the many fortune seekers who eagerly awaits for the lottery results every day. Then you have come to the right place to find out if you are that one in a million lucky winner.

For those who are new to Kerala Lotteries, the Kerala State Lotteries Department conducts 7 weekly lotteries with at least one lottery draw held everyday. Kerala lotteries not only provide employment to a lot of unskilled people and the disabled, but is also a major source of revenue for the state. Also, a major chunk of the money goes to a benevolent fund that supports the poor in receiving treatment for terminal and other major illness.

The seven weekly lotteries are Pournami (Sunday), Win-Win (Monday), Sthree Sakthi (Tuesday), Akshaya (Wednesday), Karunya Plus (Thursday), Nirmal (Friday), and Karunya (Saturday). The jackpot prizes range from Rs 6,000,000 to Rs 8,000,000 and the lotteries are sold at Rs 30 and Rs 40 per ticket (Karunya and Karunya Plus). In addition to these weekly lotteries, there are six bumper lotteries that are conducted around Kerala's major festivals and seasons - Onam, Vishu, Christmas, Pooja, Monsoon and Summer. The bumper jackpots are often more than ten times the regular jackpot and have recently gone up to Rs 100,000,000; the bumper lotteries cost Rs 250 per ticket.

Kerala lotteries have transformed many people's lives. It has helped them fulfil their dreams. Fathers were able to offer their daughters and sons higher education. People who have never owned a house could build one. People who have never traveled outside the country could go around the world. Kerala lotteries continues to bring smile to many faces and help realize many dreams.

From 15 November 2018 the daily lottery draws of the Kerala State Lotteries are being telecast live on Kairali TV and Kaumudy TV at 3 PM everyday. If you are not able to watch it, you can always come here to discover your luck at your convenience. It will take you just a miniute.