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All Kerala Lottery Results

The Kerala lottery draws from the last 30 days are listed here. We have only shown 30 draws (and any additional draws in these days) because the validity of a winning ticket expires after 30 days.

Kerala Lottery Name Date of Draw
Onam Bumper Lottery BR-75 20/08/2020
Nirmal Lottery NR-191 18/09/2020
Akshaya Lottery AK-463 16/09/2020
Win-Win Lottery W-581 14/09/2020
Karunya Lottery KR-464 12/09/2020
Karunya Plus Lottery KN-333 10/09/2020
Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS-226 08/09/2020
Nirmal Lottery NR-189 04/09/2020
Akshaya Lottery AK-461 02/09/2020
Karunya Lottery KR-462 29/08/2020
Karunya Plus Lottery KN-331 27/08/2020
Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS-224 25/08/2020
Nirmal Lottery NR-187 21/08/2020